UK Community Hosting Project

My brother  and I have decided to setup a community hosting project. We are going to install an SDSL line at his house and offer colocation to anyone who meet a few basic criteria, we are also going to build one server for shared hosting. We are going to place some rigid restrictions on the size and power of the servers to keep the costs down.

For £10 a month and for non-commercial activity we will host any server that meets the following criteria.

  • cpu: 1000mhz max
  • 1 Hard drive <= 7200 rpm
  • Size: XPC Shuttle or smaller
  • Noise: Quiet i.e. no 10,000 rpm delta fans!
  • Any Os you get complete authority over your server and your own IP address

This is aimed at geek enthusiasts and community sites that are not for profit, basically people who would love to have a 1mbps up connection but can’t justify the cost of installing one or using a professional colo facility.

The cheapest I have seen this type of service for is £30 a month in a Uni datacenter in Manchester. If you are interested then drop me an email using the link in the bottom right and side of the site.

UK based MS Event – DeveloperDeveloperDeveloper!


14 May 2005 09:30 – 14 May 2005 16:30 (GMT) GMT, London
Welcome Time: 09:00

Language: English

Microsoft Ltd

Chicago 1, Chicago 2, Memphis
Building 3
Microsoft Campus Thames Valley Park Reading Berkshire
United Kingdom

General Event Information
Products: MSDN.

Recommended Audience: Developer.

For the first time ever in the UK, Microsoft is hosting a unique event for Developers to learn, share and hear from other Developers – NO Microsoft speakers will present.  Held on a Saturday, DeveloperDeveloperDeveloper is designed to be an informal day; the agenda will be determined by the developer community.  You will have the opportunity to see new faces present in a relaxed atmosphere.  Activities will include presentations on a wide range of topics (see suggestions below), a networking area and fun zone.

• Preparing for ASP.NET 2.0
• .NET Debugging Facilities
• Patterns of Data Access in .NET
• An Overview Of ClickOnce Deployment
• What’s New In Internationalization In .NET 2.0?
• Unit Testing Using Visual Studio 2005 Team Test
• Introduction To FxCop And Writing Custom Rules
• Refactoring Using Visual Studio 2005
• An Introduction to Test-Driven Development (TDD)
• Developing for the Compact Framework with C#
• Custom Attributes in .NET
• Useful Free .NET Tools
• SQL Server Finding and Resolving Performance Problems

All this is FREE and lunch and coffees will also be thrown in.

Sign up now to be guaranteed a place!

Ipodder Version 2.0

If you are into listening to podcasts then you probably have some sort of aggregator to download your favourite podcasts automatically. I use iPodder for the PC which has just been upgraded to version 2.0. This version has lots of new functionality including a resizable user interface. They have also added a download tab so it is easy to track what is currently being downloaded. There is now a clean up function that allows you to delete old shows, and I now realise (thanks to Martijn Venrooy) this can be used on feeds you no longer subscribe to.

When I upgraded I found that some of the dormant feeds I had subscribed to in the old version suddenly sprung into life namely Engadget and G4TV, this meant that after upgrading there was around 50 queued downloads, this might cause a problem for users who have a restriction on the amount of data their ISP allows them to download monthly (this is becoming common in the UK).

There are still a couple of features I would like to see added, there is no search facility in the directory, Chuck over at agrees with me that this is essential. I would also like the option to be able to disable downloads for a feed, at the moment if I wish to do this I have to completely remove the feed. If later I want to resubscribe I have to go and find the link. I have emailed the dev team offering a bribe in the form of a $50 donation to be paid when I see these features appear.

I’m confused why they have added the ability to play podcasts automatically after download, if like me you don’t like this feature then you can disable it in the preferences menu.

Overall the new version is a real step forward and I would recomend you upgrade soon.