Draytek 2820 Review

Model Name          : Vigor2820 series
Firmware Version   : 3.1.1
Build Date/Time     : Nov 8 2007 11:10:43
ADSL Firmware      : 211801_A Annex A

Price: £135 inc VAT

I have just bought one of these to use in a small office.

First impressions are it is good value for money in terms of the features if offers.
The web UI is uninspiring a little better than a Netgear or a DLink but nowhere near as good as a m0n0wall. It is responsive but not intuitive.
One bad point for anyone who has to administer several units the config file is backed up in binary format, a more sensible choice would have been XML to allow tweaks and roll-outs.
You can’t see recent log entries in the web admin screens you have to install the syslog tool on a pc on your lan, and configure the router to send logs to it, not good if you are a remote admin.
PPTP I have failed to get this working so far, I wanted to use the windows built in PPTP client to connect to the router, so far a connection can be established but authentication fails, I haven’t given up but it would be nice if this had worked straight out the box like m0n0wall. Draytek supply a Smart VPN client of their own but this too fails to authenticate.

I will update this review in about a month, if I can get PPTP working I will be pretty happy if not it may have to go back to the shop.

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  1. The router has been very stable hasn’t needed a reboot which is nice.

    I have got the windows PPTP VPN up and running with some help from my brother.

    He was so impressed with the 2820 he bought one for use at home.

    The Web Interface is my only real complaint, but with the exception of m0n0wall I haven’t found a router with a decent Web UI. I have used netgear, dlink, linksys, speedtouch, smoothwall and Sonicwall in varying degrees and none of them are as easy to use as m0n0wall. You can buy m0n0wall boxes from various suppliers or you get yourr own hardware (i reccomend soekris) and install the latest image.

    The reason I chose to try out the draytek really came down to price, if you build your own m0n0wall it will cost about £175 the Draytek is cheaper at ~£125.


    The router is not stable as a VPN concentrator and simply locks up with the activity light still flashing.

    With over 6 months of ongoing support ticket with Draytek and many change this, try this firmware, change of hardware, still this 2820 router fails to be reliable.

    We have used Draytek routers for many years without any problems so no this is not a general bitch about this vendor. The bitch is about this router which is touted as a successfully replacement for the 2800 series, which it is clearly not. It simply is not a reliable router.

    The Draytek Vigor 2820 is NOT a commercial or enterprise grade router. Do not purchase it for this purpose.

  3. Hi Paul,

    I would like to know more about how you were using the 2820 and the topology you were trying to get it to work in.

    My experience of the box is limited to occasional PPTP VPN connections for which is seems to work flawlessly. Were you using PPTP or LT2P/IPSEC tunneling? How many users were connecting to the router? I think other prospective purchasers would like to know more also.

    I would also like to know what you have chosen instead of the 2820?

    Thanks for posting your experiences here.


  4. I also reiterate Paul’s comments.

    I manage 5 of these 2820 routers running multiple LAN to LAN IPsec VPN tunnels and they occasionally lock up completely requiring a hard restart.

    Home use is fine (although expensive!) but I would not trust them for reliability.


  5. Draytek Vigor 2820n

    I have a similar problem. I have set up VPN for 15 users and it is very unreliable.

    1. I set up VPN (IPsec, L2TP and PPtP enabled) and created profiles
    2. I tested for all users on mix of Mac, iPhone/iPad and Windows – worked fine for all
    3. VPN okay for a couple of days, then stopped allowing access, PPTP failing on authentication and L2TP not connecting. I reset all pwords and rebooted, it worked fine.

    This happens all the time – sometimes people can connect, sometimes not, and I have found that a reboot fixes every time. This tends to happen at peak times (9am in the office) and I know our office line is shared with another company, so I’m assuming it’s related to that.
    We also have problems with the wireless connection completely dropping out – ethernet is always fine – and a reboot fixes this too.

    All settings definitely okay on the router – hence the simple reboot working. I’d rather not have to reboot my office router every time I need someone to access.

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