Is your mind open or closed?

If you ask a hundred people if they are open minded I’m confident they will all say yes, I was one of them but a couple of events recently have made me question how open minded I am. The first event was Gamergate if you didn’t already hear about this it is basically an argument between some male members of the gaming community and some feminist members of the gaming community. I don’t want to get any more specific than that. Before Gamergate I’m ashamed to admit that I had a very two dimensional understanding of feminism. I had concluded that feminists used to have a point but Emily Pankhurst sorted it all out by getting herself killed and now women had the vote and were pretty much the equal of men in society. I guess ignorance is bliss, it wasn’t until I heard John Siracusa’s advice to listen to the what the women in the Gamergate were actually saying that my mind started to open to the possibility that sexism existed in the male dominated culture of gaming. Now that I have listened it almost seems obvious that things would be like that and that their efforts to try and change the culture to make it a more positive place for women to work. As a result of Gamergate I now follow a lot more feminists on twitter and I try to listen carefully to what they are saying, and I try to keep an open mind because being a white male I’m not going to be able to relate to their experiences. Twitter is great for revisiting your long held beliefs, you can instantly find someone who will challenge your belief and if your lucky they will enlighten you along the way. On occasion I have had to admit that after one of these conversations that I cannot relate to what the other person is saying but I will keep an open mind on the subject. I’m not agreeing or disagreeing but need time to digest what they have said and to compare it to my own experiences.