New Gadget: Folding bluetooth keyboard from EC Technology


I’m typing this post on my latest tech investment, a folding bluetooth keyboard which is connected to my iphone 5s. The motivation for purchasing it was to see If I would write more blog posts on my daily commute if I was able touch type. This is day one so I will have to wait and see. First impressions are that the keyboard works really well and IOS seems to be very keyboard friendly. I’m a windows person so I miss ability to ctrl-c / ctrl-v to copy and paste* and selecting text is a bit weird at times. One benefit I noticed immediately was that the onscreen keyboard disappeared. This means I get roughly twice as much text on screen when I am editing a post. The action on the keys is nice and I estimate that I am able to type at about 70-80% of my desktop speed, I’m hopeful that this will creep up as I get used to the layout of the keys. This is a lot faster than I could type using the on screen keyboard. Some of the keys are in a non standard place, I struggled with the right-hand shift key and the backspace key but the other keys were fine. I touch type at about sixty words per minute, I guess the faster you are the more restrictive you might find this keyboard.
When the keyboard is folded away it is about same size as my wife’s iPhone 6 plus so it is not uber portable but it will just fit in the inside pocket of my jacket. It is quite lightweight weighing less than my iPhone 5s. I purchased mine on Amazon for thirty pounds which given the build quality and refinement of the design I think this represents good value especially as this is a niche product. One minor annoyance occurred when I was reviewing a post I had just written, after about a minute after I stopped typing the keyboard seemed to go to sleep and IOS popped the on screen keyboard up. This made me lose my place, it’s not that big a deal as tapping any key on the keyboard instantly wakes it up and the on screen keyboard disappears. Occasionally the keyboard loses connectivity with the phone but it normally reconnects within a second or two. I have installed the WordPress for iPhone app and this makes it very easy for me to create or edit posts on my phone.
* Update: I discovered that you can put this keyboard into IOS mode and then use can use the “Win” key as you would the “Cmd” key on an apple keyboard. This means to copy text [Win]+[c] works fine, google IOS keyboard shortcuts to get a complete list.