Vodafone Broadband Dongle Review

I bought one of these a couple of weeks ago, to use on my commute to london.

The Good:

  • Uber convienient have BB on the move
  • Signal on the train is good without to much drop out.
  • You can plug in a 4gb mcro sd card and turn it into a memory stick
  • In a good signal area the downloads are fast 170kbps

The Bad:

This is a relatively expensive way to roam the WWW at 15 quid per GB but it only costs 39.99 to buy and you only pay for what you use unlike the pay montly alternatives. Perfect for me as I will only use it for small periods.

The Ugly:
The vodafone software that installs when you plug the device in to your Pc/Laptop is possibly one of worst programs I have had the misfortune to encounter in a long time.
If you plan to use this device whilst stationery and in a good signal area you will not have any problems. If you use it on a train / in a car then expect constant pop-ups that cannot be minimized.

The unecessary:
Adult Content Blocking is on by default, included is Skype.com ???
WTF Vodafone since when do Skype serve adult content…. Hmm they do however offer internet telephony, I wonder if that could be the real reason.
Which ever knob jockey at vodafone thought up this trick should be shot. It just annoys paying customers who can download skype the moment they are connected via WiFi, seriously misjudged move by Vodafone.

Update: Tip
You don’t have to use the crappy vodafone software, after you have installed it open network connections and right click on the Vodafone connection and select connect. It is also possible to prevent the vodafone software from launching when you plug your dongle in, just go to the options in the app. The only thing you lose is the usage meter.

3 thoughts on “Vodafone Broadband Dongle Review”

  1. In my opinion, vodafone has the worst customer service, very patronising, uninformed, even staff who lies. Should you have a problem with your service, you’re in for a deep swim. For the last 12 days they claim that there is a problem with the mast(network) in the area, almost central london, and as a consequence I cannot use my USB broadband internet. I have spent serveral hours on the phone with them, and all they can say is that "they’re aware of the situation, and will keep me updated as to when the issue is going to be fixed". No dates, not times, no nothing. I had requested to cancel this contract, but they’re treatning to hold me liable for cancellation charges. They claim that only after 28 days of no service, I’ll be able to terminate the contract earlier. Can someone reading this provide some information regardng this "28 days no service" or this is just another lie? I dont seem to find this anywhere in the terms and condiditions. This seem grosly unfair, and totaly onesided. Is anyone out there experiencing the same issues? I’ll never go to vodafone again. Major dissapointment and frustration. 7 April 2009. STAY AWAY FROM THIS PEOPLE.

  2. I’m afraid most of the mobile operators in the UK offer poor customer service.

    From talking with friends and familly O2 seem to have the best but my 3G iPhone is very slow for browsing even when i have a good signal and it is fine when I am on WiFi.

  3. I bought this vodafone internet broadband dongle while I was away in Wales, and it turns out, you can only get GPRS where I stayed, in Penrhos, on the Llheyn perninsula, I think vodafone should cover holday destinations with 3G, because people use these dongles, either if they cat afford monthly payments for a connection, or they go on holiday, also, two things I hate about this, one, the 30 day limit to use your credit in, which is sick, because if you are away on holiday, and have a connection at home, and say you go away for 14 days, yes, happil use the internet while away, but when you return, if you have a connection at home, whats the point of using the dongle, only to use your credit up, wasting it, so you dont lose it, that is so so wrong, and that should be removed. A friend who went to the same place with us, he has one, but he said there is no limit on his, so he has credit crom months ago. Another annoying thing, if you dont use it for I belive, 160 days, it deactivates, EVEN WITH CREDIT STLL ON IF ANY, that is the two bad things about it, otherwise, for browsing and doing everyday internet, it is brilliant, so its about time providers, not just vodafone, took off these limmitations, people go away usually once or twice a year, so the limmits are just to make money like a bribe, and they know this, come on vodafone, take these stupid limmits away, and in remote locations, where there are holiday places, ie caravan sites, cottages, guest houses, please look at providing 3g, so peoples time isnt taken, trying to use the very slow GPRS which uses your credit waiting 10 minutes for a page to appear!. my facebook is kamakazikid@hotmail.co.uk or Andrew Mckenna if anyone wishes to add.

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