Podcasts after the hype

I’ve been listening to podcasts for a few months now and after an initial bout of enthusiasm have cut down to a couple of hours a week. This is partly due to my current routine only offering a certain amount of time for listening and also getting bored with the content on some of the shows I listened to. The shows I still listen to are great, they are relevant to me and nothing similar is available in the UK on traditional radio.
The only way I can see myself consuming more podcasts is if in future my car can automatically download them and play them back. This is not a feature my Ford Galaxy currently offers. The shows that still make the short list are Slacker Astronomy, .Net Rocks, In the trenches and Chuck Chat, no prizes for guessing I’m a techie. I think podcasting is here to stay and will grow and grow, it seems obvious that more pseudo stations like ‘Techpodcasts.com’ will appear offering themed content from many sources and making it even easier to consume. I wonder if a paid subscription model will appear and be successful, I personally doubt it, the advertising based model seems to be more likely.

2 thoughts on “Podcasts after the hype”

  1. Hey Charlie!

    Your troubles are over for under 300 bucks.


    It’s a system that puts a hard disk player in your car, and transmits downloaded mp3s to it via wireless. Download our podcasts with iTunes or iPodder or whatever right to your "synchronized" hard drive in your living room, and they will automatically be copied to your car.

    Richard Campbell brought this to our attention on this episode of Mondays:


    Thanks for being a true fan!

  2. Hey Carl,

    First let me say I’m honored you’ve taken the time to post to my little old blog!

    I will definitely be putting one of those gadgets on my Christmas List and keep doing the great work your doing with Dot net rocks!



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