Widernet.org using IT to help Africa

What the Widernet eGranary Digital Library project  does:

Most schools in developing countries do not have an Internet connection; and where they do exist, they are slow, unreliable and very expensive. The WiderNet Project’s eGranary Digital Library delivers digital information directly to Web servers inside institutions, bypassing the Internet.  More than two-million educational documents are currently delivered to more than 50 institutions in Africa giving at least 300,000 students and professors access to information over their local area networks (LAN) quickly and at no cost.  The eGranary Digital Library regularly adds new content that is provided by authors and publishers all over the world who want to enhance the educational opportunities for developing countries.

Please see the menu below for more information about the eGranary Digital Library. If you can’t find what you’re looking for, contact Cliff Missen, director, at 319-335-2200 or missenc@widernet.org