another agency dedicated to helping african universities and schools

Excerpt From their site:

“Computer Aid International has already shipped over 50,000 PCs to more than 90 developing countries. Of those 50,000 shipped over 25,000 have gone to educational institutions and the remaining to community organisations working in fields as diverse as HIV/Aids, environment, human rights, and primary healthcare.”

I contacted James at computeraid to see what types of computer equipment they need, currently they will accept working pc’s from PII 233mhz and up. I am going to try and collect as many machines as possible and then arrange to transport them to their workshop in north london. If you are local to Oxted, Surrey and you have an old (working) PC you no longer have a use for then if you would like to donate it contact me at Kitesurf<at> and I will take it to their workshop in north london at the end of the month.

They also accept CRT 15-17″ colour monitors, leads and printers.