I’m Anti Anti Virus

The topic of anti virus software came up at our last meeting, I am opposed to installing anti virus software on our workstations, I view it as shutting the gate after the horse has bolted. We use a third party to scan all our inbound emails, keep all our machines as patched up to date as possible and of course we use a firewall to protect us from the big bad web.

The only areas we are vulnerable is from users downloading files from the web and portable media / flash drives, so we need a utility that will protect us in these places. Ideally there will be a piece of software out there that can scan downloaded files and quarantine them if they contain a virus. It would need to do the same for newly inserted CD’s and USB flash drives. Because we develop software on our machines we don’t want the pain of something like Norton AV which sits in the background monitoring all files and which has the potential to cause problems, if you don’t believe me check out microsofts knowledge base articles they are littered with ‘disable your AV software’.

If you know of a piece of software that could do this for us and can recomend it then please leave a comment or drop me an email to Kitesurf<at>dualbotic.com. Alternatively if i’m way of the mark about how many problems are caused by AV software and you can recomend a scanner that will not negatively impact our developers then that would be great also.