London Dot Net User Group (DNUG)

I am off to my first DNUG meeting where I’ll be participating in the XP game. Hopefully my understanding of agile programming techniques will be increased profoundly and i’ll also get to talk tech with like minded souls instead of boring the ears off my friends and relatives.

That’s the big problem with being a tech-head, I find myself almost apoligising after responding to what I do for a living, unless the interviewer happens also to love all things binary. If that is the case I find I end up spending hours talking to that person an ignoring all others, i’m sure I have a form of OCD and my wife agrees.

DNUG was founded by Ian Cooper when he discovered there were already many user groups in the US but none in London, it is free to join and the central activity is a meeting a month to discuss new technologies that will impact dotnet developers. If this sounds appealing you can subscribe to the mailing list here and if any of the topics catch your eye sign up and come along.