Motorcycle Theory Test

I just took and passed my Motorcycle theory test, this enables me to take my practical test in the next two years. It is a 2 part test first is 35 multiple choice questions which are straightforward if you read the bock “The official theory test for motorcycles”. The second part is a hazzard perception test, you watch a series of 14 video clips and are expected to click the mouse as you spot potential and actual hazzards. The second part is more natural if you have been driving a car for a few years.

The test is all done on a computer and the input is via touchscreen and mouse, the software is well written and the UI is intuitive, not what I was expecting. You can complete both parts of the test in less than 30 mins or if you take the full 40 mins for part one it would take just over an hour to complete.

All I have to do now is tell my wife I’m going to sit my pratical test, she has been less than encouraging when I have mentioned it in the past 🙂