Naze32 Cleanflight Setup and gotchas




This is a quick post to highlight the gotchas I ran into setting up a Naze32 for the first time on a Windows 10 pc and using Cleanflight to flash the firmware.

  1. Install the drivers from the silicon labs website here
  2. Connect the Naze32 using a micro usb cable that can transmit data and power
  3. Open Device Manager and check that under the Ports (Com & Lpt) section you see: PortsScreenshot
  4. Make a note of the Com port (3 in my case)
  5. Using the chrome extensions site here  install cleanflight and launch it. Video
  6. If you have a brand new Naze32 board you will need to flash the firmware, watch this video. The gotcha is make sure you select the correct com port in cleanflight or the flash will fail.
  7. After you have successfully flashed the board you’ll be able to connect cleanflight to the naze32 and you should be able to see the image of a multirotor move as you move the board around.
  8. Calibrate the naze32 board then go and have fun.