A tale of three wireless headsets

I have three wireless headsets, two pairs made by Rapoo and a pair made by Logitech. This post is about the pros and cons of each.

Rapoo H6020



I bought this headset a year ago and it only cost £30 including delivery from HK, I can’t say enough good things about it.

  • Battery life is ~9 hrs, recharge takes ~1hr via mini usb cable.
  • Bluetooth pairs easily and reliably with iPhone & iPad
  • Audio quality when playing music is decent with a crisp clear sound
  • Comfort is good I wear the headset on my daily commute which takes 1 1/2 hrs without a problem.
  • Controls are easy to use and pausing and skip fwd/back is possible via the headset.
  • Taking phone calls is fine as long as you are in quiet surroundings as the mic is not directional so picks up background noise.
  • Range is about 30ft with a clear line of sight but you really need to be in the same room as walls block the signal.

Update: After just over a year of daily use and faultless service this headset appears to have died, I have just order these to replace them

Rapoo H8030



I recently bought this headset it also cost £30, early days but I am a little bit dissapointed.

  • Battery life ~10hrs claimed (not tested by me), recharge via micro usb ~1hr (not verified)
  • 2.4ghz wireless via supplied dongle (not bluetooth) Windows 7 recognized and installed drivers automatically.
  • Audio quality when playing music is okay, not as crisp as the H6020
  • Comfort is good, they are light and a good fit.
  • Controls are fiddly but less important as they are mostly controled via Pc
  • When used with skype other callers said they could hear me clearly.
  • Range is about 30ft with a clear line of sight but you really need to be in the same room as walls block the signal


Logitech F540


I have had this headset for over a year, it cost £95 and they currently retail on amazon for near that price. It is a big headset the ear cups completely cover your ears and passively block out background noise. I use these at work in a sometimes noisey office.

  • Battery life ~10hrs verified by moi, recharge takes ~2hrs via micro Usb
  • 2.4 ghz wireless via supplied base unit
  • Audio quality is excellent noticeably better than the Rapoo H6020
  • Range is good you can listen in the next room or up to 50 ft away with clear line of sight
  • Comfort is excellent I can wear them for several hours without discomfort.
  • Controls are good you can adjust volume of music and switch inputs on the headset
  •  When used for Skype calls other callers say they can hear me clearly and do not complain about background noise despite my noisy office.
  • The power supply for the base unit died on me so I purchase a generic replacement for £10.

Sony DR-BTN200M


Okay so those of you who’ve been paying attention will have noticed that this is the fourth pair of headphones in this post. As my Rapoo H6020 died I found these and decided to give them a go after watching a review on youtube. As I have only had them for 24 hrs it’s early days so these are just my first impressions. It seems like this headset works much better for phone calls that the H6020 did mainly down to the mic not picking up so much background noise. Their is also slightly better passive noise reduction and and the sound quality when listening to music also seem to be better with improved bass response. I’m not sure yet if these will be as comfortable  but so far so good.