Upgrading RavenDB from build #992 => #2700 for NServiceBus

Disclaimer: It is likely there is an easier way of doing this but I failed to find it.

NServiceBus Version 3.3.8

In Raven Studio Export each endpoints database.

open CMD prompt as Administrator and run:

 sc stop RavenDB
 sc delete RavenDB

 Rename C:Program FilesNServiceBus.Persistence  NServiceBus.Persistence.old
 md C:Program FilesNServiceBus.Persistence

Unzip contents of RavenDB zip into folder C:Program FilesNServiceBus.Persistence  (download from here )

In Raven Studio create database(s) for each database file you exported.

Navigate into each database and import the file you exported, take care to select the correct file Raven will let you import documents from a different database if you select the wrong file.


Sugru Hack – Timex Ironman Watch Strap Repair

I have had my Timex Ironman watch for just over a year, I never take it off it is very comfortable and useful for timing my runs.



Unfortunately the resin straps on these watches tend to perish after about a year and due to the integrated design of the watch cannot be replaced. The watch was not expensive so I thought I would buy a new one, unfortunately I think this model is now discontinued.

Sugru to the rescue… Fortunately the strap had not completely failed, this made the repair easier to effect.

2013-09-10 10.34.40

I have a starter pack that has 2x blue 2x yellow 2x red and 1 black pack, this was my first attempt to fix something with Sugru so I decided to use up one of the blue packs.



I took about a third of the sachet and moulded it around the damaged part of the strap.

2013-09-10 11.08.56


I left the repair to cure for about six hours then put the watch back on. It’s early days as to how long the repair will last, I will update this post periodically until the repair fails.

I had some sugru left over that was going to go to wasted so I fashioned a charger cable tidy withe remainder. I had previously been using blu tack but it was messy and a bit unsightly.

2013-09-11 09.46.33


If this proves to be a lasting repair then £2.50 worth of sugru will have saved me £40 to replace my watch!


Unfortunately yesterday this repair failed, I was compressing some boxes into our recycling bin and must have caught the strap.

The sugru part remained intact but the strap came free. I put the failure down to lack of adhesion between the resin strap material and the sugru.

If you read the sugru documentation it doesn’t claim great adhesion with plastics.

The repair *might* have lasted longer had I used a bit more sugru but it is hard to know for sure.