Revocation information for the security certificate for this site is not available

At two o’clock this morning one of our production servers decided that it was no longer able to decide if the SSL certificate installed was valid. This effectively broke our system as we have two asmx webservices that “talk” to each other over SSL.

Browsing to the site in IE8 resulted in the following error being displayed:

“Revocation information for the security certificate for this site is not available”

Viewing the certificate path in IE8 only displayed the installed certificate (issued by Digicert). Viewing the certificate in Firefox 19.0.2 it showed the path back to the root certificate.

These are the steps we followed to fix the problem:

1 – Start > Run; type MMC and press Enter.
2 – Click File > Add/Remove Snap-in.
3 – Click Add.
4 – Select Certificates and click Add.
5 – A wizard will open. Select Computer account and click Next.
6 – Select Local Computer and click finish
7 – Click Close.
8 – Click Okay.
9 – Expand Certificates on the left hand side of the console window.
10 – Right click on Intermediate Certificate Authority.
11 – Under all tasks, select Import.
12 – Point the wizard to the L1C Chain Certificate file and complete the wizard.
13 – Restart your IIS service.

We downloaded our L1C Chain Certificate file from I’m no expert but if your website certificate was issued by another authority you’ll need to download it from them.


  • Windows Server 2003
  • IIS 6.0
  • Asmx webservices
  • Digicert issued certificate


We’re not really sure, one hypothesis is the intermediate certificate got corrupted somehow.

First Impressions of Xamarin Studio vs VS2012 Express

Microsoft’s “thousand dollar IDE” finally has some competition, after a lot of speculation about Jet Brains creating a C# IDE it is Xamarin who have launched a product. I recently spent a couple of weeks kicking the tyres of VS2012 Express so I thought a quick comparison with XS (Xamarin Studio) would be interesting.

Executive Summary

XS is promising, there are still a few rough spots that need attention but they have created a good looking UI that offers a UX that feels cleaner and is more fully featured than VS2012 Express. In order to try and not impact sales of the commercial version of VS2012 Microsoft have imposed some limitations on the Express edition that are irritating. For the purposes of getting to know the XS IDE, I created a new NServiceBus 3.0 solution and added a console app and a unit test project with a single unit test.

XS is nowhere near as robust as VS2012 express which is not a surprise as they have only just released the first version and will have a much smaller development team compared to Microsoft. If they keep improving it and work out the niggles I think it could eventually be a serious alternative.


I have only spent an hour getting to know XS this is just a first impression, after I have spent more time working with it and learn more about it my initial impression could change. If you spot any glaring inaccuracies or omissions ping me on twitter @porkstone

Xamarin Studio Pros

  • AutoSave
  • Better Looking
  • Loads a little bit faster (perceived not actually measured)
  • More sensible default folder structure when creating a new solution
  • Easier to launch debug
  • More sensible default using statements (using system)
  • Can set NServiceBusHost.exe to run when debugging a service but Start Multiple apps did not work only one started. I have learnt more see update below.
  • Has NUnit project Template
  • Has integrated test runner that will run Nunit tests
  • Builtin Source control integration for Git (I didn’t test this)

VS2012 Express Pros

  • Nuget works OOTB – XS requires add in
  • Nuget Command Line, quicker than a gui
  • NServiceBus.Host Nuget Package Installs without problems, XS had namespace issues
  • Very robust – XS suffered from modal windows losing focus, occasional crashes during debugging.

Link to Getting Started Docs

UPDATE: Debugging Multiple Projects

When you are working on NServiceBus in a solution it is often useful to be able to launch multiple projects at the same time. NServiceBus uses TopShelf to make it easy to switch from running your project from within the Console and a Windows service. In order to this from the IDE the paid for versions of Visual Studio have an option in the Project > Properties > debug tab that allows you to specify the exe you want to launch when you start debugging. VS2012 express does not have this option. Xamarin studio does not (yet?) have this option, it does, however, let you specify an executable to launch but it doesn’t return control it waits for the exe to complete.

Version of Xamarin Studio used:

Version 4.0.1 (build 9)
Installation UUID: 23db13c3-9d75-4ef4-a8a3-1eeb3d0efb3a
Microsoft .NET 4.0.30319.18034
GTK 2.24.13
GTK# (