xStarter Setup Notes

We have started using xStarter to automate tasks, here are some notes on how we have set it up. These notes are for our own record but may be of some use.

To download a trial copy of the software visit: http://www.xstarter.com/

OS: Windows 2008 Server
Version of xStarter:


We have found that unless UAC is disabled for the account that the xStarter Service account runs under that it’s scheduled jobs will not start. Note to change this go to Control Panel > User Account > Turn UAC on or off. You should be aware for changes to take affect the server must be restarted so this should be done before the server is put into production if restarting will be an issue.


If you plan to run the xStarter Service under a domain account not your own windows login then log on to the server with the chosen account and install xStarter.
Select a large disk preferably not the OS drive, xstarter will use this drive during large FTP operations so plenty of space will be needed.
Select “Create Start Menu for All Users” during setup.
This final dialog should look similar to this:

After running the setup program go to Start > Programs and select ‘Install xStarter NT Service’. Then create a shortcut to the xStarter Configuration utility on the quick launch.


When you run xStarter for the first time complete the following tasks.
– Preferences > Run as NT Service
– Help > Registration – Enter the licence key

Trial Version

The trial version is functional for 30 days after installation but will remind you to register each time you start the configuration tool.

Veridict so Far

We really like the FTP Sync feature that allows a local folder to be sync’d with a remote FTP folder or the other way round, this saved us a lot of time and made our download processes more robust.

We are not particularly fond of the scheduler UI but it is functional and flexible.


I will post more as we become aware of the god the bad and the ugly.