Share Spotify in the Office

If like me you listen to spotify at work on speakers and would like to allow your workmates to be able to select tracks then you can use the collaborative playlist feature.

One person in the office needs to create a new playlist, call it somthing like ‘Office’ then right click on the playlist and check ‘Collaborative playlist’. Then right click again and select ‘Copy Spotify URI’ then simply paste the link into an email and send it to your work colleagues. They have to paste it into their spotify and they will be able to see the playlist, add to it and re-order it. They cannot pause or skip the track though. When the last track in the playlist has finished the music stops.

When we started using this feature we discovered some of the team had eclectic taste so you might want to be selective about who you send the link to. If you use this in conjunction with the spotify remote tool that I blogged about a few weeks ago, your colleagues can have complete control.