iPhone 3G Rip off

Before you let Steve Job’s and his posse firmly place their arm up your back passage here’s a few things you should know.

Firstly Apple have effectively fitted the iPhone with a chastity belt, if you want to have your wicked way with it you will have to Jailbreak it first, if you don’t the following is a list of things you will have to put up with.

1 – You’ll have to pay for custom ringtones and you can only choose from the songs / tones available on iTunes.

2 – If you want to make use of App Store and download apps (even free ones) you will have to setup an iTunes account, you will need a credit / debit card and have at least £1.50 in your account.

3 – If you want to load your own mp3’s (not purchased via iTunes) you will still have to install iTunes to do this.

I have only had the phone a short while so  there may be more gotcha’s to come.

It turns out iTunes is lying about No 1. you can use itunes to convert mp3 / Wav files in to AAC then rename the extension to M4R, reimport the file and it will appear as a ringtone.
+1 for it being possible -1 for lying to your customers Apple

Vodafone Broadband Dongle Review

I bought one of these a couple of weeks ago, to use on my commute to london.

The Good:

  • Uber convienient have BB on the move
  • Signal on the train is good without to much drop out.
  • You can plug in a 4gb mcro sd card and turn it into a memory stick
  • In a good signal area the downloads are fast 170kbps

The Bad:

This is a relatively expensive way to roam the WWW at 15 quid per GB but it only costs 39.99 to buy and you only pay for what you use unlike the pay montly alternatives. Perfect for me as I will only use it for small periods.

The Ugly:
The vodafone software that installs when you plug the device in to your Pc/Laptop is possibly one of worst programs I have had the misfortune to encounter in a long time.
If you plan to use this device whilst stationery and in a good signal area you will not have any problems. If you use it on a train / in a car then expect constant pop-ups that cannot be minimized.

The unecessary:
Adult Content Blocking is on by default, included is Skype.com ???
WTF Vodafone since when do Skype serve adult content…. Hmm they do however offer internet telephony, I wonder if that could be the real reason.
Which ever knob jockey at vodafone thought up this trick should be shot. It just annoys paying customers who can download skype the moment they are connected via WiFi, seriously misjudged move by Vodafone.

Update: Tip
You don’t have to use the crappy vodafone software, after you have installed it open network connections and right click on the Vodafone connection and select connect. It is also possible to prevent the vodafone software from launching when you plug your dongle in, just go to the options in the app. The only thing you lose is the usage meter.