New Social Gaming Network – Playfire

I have a friend I’ll call him Aaron because that’s his name.

He has joined the company behind a new social networking site focused in the gaming community.

The have just revamped their site, it is still in beta though you wouldn’t know it.

The have areas for all the major consoles and of course pc games.

Check Playfire out here.

The interesting thing about playfire from a developers point of view is that the platform is developed on Django a web development framework developed in Python. It is based loosely on the RoR MVC framework and seems to be gaining some traction. I intend to check it out soon.

New search engine – CUIL

There is a new search engine on the block, you’ve got to admire someone who’s got the balls to take google on!

Check CUIL out.

My first impressions are that it’s fast, it doesn’t have a geographical filter like google which might make looking for online stores in your country a problem, unless it handles this behind the scenes.

As you would expect it’s index is not as complete as google, I have a three websites and it only found one of them but it may just take some time to get round to the others.

I’m hoping it will be Bot unfriendly, last time I trawled my weblog’s live search was referring very open ended searchs to my site, i’m guessing this is bots submitting search words from a dictionary and then working through the list of results, but i’m not sure. One thing I know is that google does not show up in the logs in this way.

One thing I know is competition is healthy if this new site can steal some market share from google it will help to keep google honest.

Robert Scoble has posted on his blog about it.

Centro – Entity Definitions / Work in Progress

Entity Definitions
Center – An organisation that runs courses
Center Admin – A course administrator
Center Instructor – A course instructor
Organisation – An organisation that sends people on courses
Organisation Admin – An administrator at an organisation that sends people on courses
Attendee – A person that attends a course

Complete First Aid Course Bookings
– These will be administered by ProHealth to begin with
– Add certification duration to Course Types

Add course attendee certificate issue date / expiry fields – This
should be the same date that is on the certificate and will be used to
trigger reminders to be sent out.

Nice to have’s
– Course Search Form – Search by category / date / type / status
– Upcoming Course list – set max in list / period i.e 3 months / both
– RSS / Email Notifications for upcoming courses
Enquiry form
– filled out by PH admin when enquiry is received by phone / email / fax
– Should allow searching for repeat bookings by existing customers by post code / company name
– Will track enquiries as they become bookings
– Sends an email to prospective customer containg a link to book on line / pdf to faxback
– PDF contains enquiry ref will be keyed by ph admin when fax is recieved will save time.
Expiry Tracking System
Because a company would be nuts if it didn’t chase repeat business
– Inteligent tracking of certificate expiry dates
– Issue reminder letters, calls, or emails to org’s, companies and individuals.
— Currently this is done once a year
— Organised companies book an entire year in advance
— Disorganised companies book at the last minute.
— The system should try and make life easier for both types of company
– Optout/in facility will allow reminders to be turned off

Company Portal
Will follow when all in house admin functionality is complete
– Customer will be issued a login and password