What happens to your Blog when you die?

I was having difficulty getting to sleep last night and started wondering what happens to a persons blog when they die.

Currently this blog lives on my server at home so I wouldn’t reckon on it lasting too long after my passing should I be struck down by a Bus or Psyclist in london.

Most folks who blog use a company that they pay to host or will host for free, I wonder what there policy is.

Then I got to thinking wouldn’t it be nice if there was a website that offered to host blogs of the deceased.

On the face of it this would seem to be an altruistic service but I sure there is a VC out there trying to figure out the ad revenue business model.

I’m going to do some google based research and report my findings here, watch this space…..

Crazy Invention #1 – Cable tidy for your Pc

Every now and then I have a half baked idea for a new kind of Gizmo, today I was staring at the mess of cables on my desk and thought up this.

A device that replaces the multitude of cables that inhabit the back of your desk with one single fat cable for neatness.
Could also develop a wirless version using wimax technology.
– 2 x A/C Power for monitors
– 2 x DVI / VGA for Dual screen
– 1 x USB (built in powered hub
— Four ports for:
— Keyboard
— mouse
— Other peripherals

The Best Merge and Diff Tools

So I am relatively new to using merge tools. I have been developing with them for about a year. Merge tools become a necessity if you are developing in a team, or working on branches in your source control system. You do have to be ultra careful when you are merging against another developers changes. The merge tool you use for this is key, a good tool will help you quickly assess the differences and let you combine them quickly and accurately.

Tools that cost $$$

At work we use Araxis Merge and it is a great tool, it is a very
polished piece of software it makes merging files easy, it supports
three way merges and has a fast folder comparison utility. It is
relatively expensive at $79 but represents good value for money.

Jeff Attwood wrote an article on his blog about Beyond Compare, I am going to try this out as I need a tool for my dev work at home and this is only $30 according to Jeff it is every bit as good as Araxis and a lot cheaper.

Tools that are free

Scott Hansleman has written about free Diff Tools on his blog his pick of the bunch is WinMerge some of the others he mentions are KDiff3 and  DiffMerge .