Brinkster is Down

We were just notified by one of our client’s that my company’s website was not available. When we try to browse to it there is no response. I can’t get to load either so I’m not sure what is going on.

I’m not the only one having this problem, I imagine there are some very worried people at Brinkster today. We have used them for nearly two years and this is the first problem we have had.

UPDATE: Looks like they are back online which makes the outage five hours max not too bad considering what brinkster charge.

An Oxted based family Blog Site

I discovered this site via , it is interesting to see how nearby other bloggers are simply as a measure of how commonplace blogging is becoming. My blog is not nearly as social as bluemeanie. I am very tech focused so tend only to read other techie blogs (check my blogroll) reading bluemeanie it is clear different people have differen reasons for keeping a blog.

The bluemeanie site contains a nice content focused on friends and family and travelling with lots of picures.

This entry contains a photo of our local park, ‘Master Park’.

If any of the bluemeanie bloggers surf in here, then I would just like to say ‘Hello to a fellow Oxted blogger’.