Virtual Server 2005 R2 Rocks

This product seriously kicks some ass it is straightforward to install and makes managing multiple guest OS’s as easy as pie the best thing about it is the price… FREE! Apparently VMWare offered their equivalent product for free first which allowed MS to do the same without getting clobbered by the US Anti-Trust laws. Remember you still have to buy a licence for your host and guest operating systems they are free.

My Blog = Therapy

I have been reading some of my old posts and they seem to fall into three categories, stuff I discover thats great and want to tell the world about, stuff I discover that sucks and want to tell the world about and stuff I don’t want to forget. 

For me it is theraputic writing about something that sucks, afterwards I relax a little in the knowledge anyone else can read my account (if they google and find it). What is really good is if others contribute their contrary views by commenting because then I have to rethink my original view and decide if I was wrong or right.

WinZip 10.0 Sucks

I just got my company to pay $30 for Winzip 10.0 for my work pc, only trouble is anyone I send a zip file to who hasn’t also got winzip 10.0 can’t unzip the archive and that includes me at home :o(. I’m sure there is a way of configuring 10.0 to produce archives that are  backwardly compatible but I would expect it to work ‘out of the box’ or to at least to have highlighted the option during the installation. In this day and age with products of this maturity we shouldn’t have to deal with this crap.

Looking for Ultra Secure Hosting in the South East ?

My company switched it’s colocation provider six months ago to The Bunker, we provide a hosted service for our customers financial services operations. Our application uses relatively low bandwidth but needs very good SLA’s for availability.

The Bunker is an Ex MOD facility based at a secret location in Kent (it’s not that big a secret but they don’t put the address on their website). The facility is in concrete bunker that is thirty feet underground and has eight feet thick concrete ceilings and is capable of withstanding the EMP from a nuclear detonation.

We have found their staff to be very professional and they take the security side of things very seriously. Based on the last six months I could definitely recomend them.

Robert Scoble quits Microsoft

Uber blogger and all round nice guy Scoble has handed in his notice and joined a startup venture. He is not bad mouthing Microsoft but from reading his blog I sense the slow pace of change in such a large organisation like MS was a contributing factor to his decision.

If you have ever read Robert’s blog you will know what a thoroughly honest guy he is. and what a lot of techie bloggers aspire to become. I for one wish him well in his new endavour I’m sure it will be a success.

You can read his blog here: