VB.NET 2003 – Keyboard Shortcuts – Go to Definition

If you’ve ever wanted to use keyboard shortcuts for functions you would normally use a mouse for then look in Options > Keyboard. Here you can define your own personal scheme containing shortcuts you define. You can copy an existing scheme to base yours on.

I leveraged this to map Go To Definition on to CTRL+F which suits me fine because my favourite text editor that I use for a lot of Classic ASP work uses the same short cut to search for a highlighted word.

The list of actions you can map is extensive, but it would probably be folly to go wild and re-map everything, that said there is always one or two useful amendments that make life easier.

Windows Update PopUp Blocker

Whilst the IE team have expended vast resources to develop a Pop-Up blocker it seems someone forgot to tell the Windows Update team that people genrally despise things that go Pop. This wretched message keeps appearing on my machine and stealing the focus when it does so.

If would like to feedback information to the Windows Update team they operate a discussion forum on the Microsoft Site you can find it here: Windows Update Discussion