Interflora Sucks!

Here is a story of poor customer service and woefully inadequate communication…

On Feb 13th I ordered my beloved wife a dozen red roses to be delivered on Valentines Day on the Interflora website. A couple of minutes later I received an email confirming that the order had been received. I was a little concerned because the website was behaving bizzarely but I put this down to the fact that it was probably very busy.

Well you can guess what happened next, valentines day came and went and no flowers were delivered. My wife was less than happy but I explained that I had ordered the flowers and I would speak with interflora to try and find out what went wrong. I tried phoning on the 14th but couldn’t get through so I sent an email. The next day I had an email back telling me my email had been stopped by Interflora’s virus checker due to an attachment. I didn’t attach anything to the message but I do have an electronic signature that can cause this so I resent my email without the signature. I heard nothing from Interflora that day, I put this down to them probably clearing through a backlog of valentines day problems. On the 16th (today) I tried calling again after having checked my credit card and found that a payment (£45) had been taken. The phone rang about 15 times then stopped, so I emailed them again asking someone to contact me.

I like most people accept that these things will happen even with the best processes in place, what seperates the good companies from the bad is when things go wrong, good companies do their level best to put things right and retain the customer. This has to be done quickly, i’m not sure what gesture Interflora could offer me now to make me consider ever using them again!