Pizza.Net Meeting on 24th May

Next Meeting: 24th May

We have decided hold the next meeting later on in May to leave more time to promote the group locally. A running order will appear here later in the month. As usual email me if you would like to attend (CharlieBarker[At No Spam]

It is likely this will be an open mike night so if you have a topic you would like to present then contact me.

How to find us: Multimap

If you need to speak to me my direct line: (0845) 004 2773

We have emailed local businesses to let them know about our meetings so we can increase the number of people regularly attending.

Tunbridge Wells Dot Net User Group aka PizzaDotNet

We have decided to start a Tunbridge Wells Dot Net User Group modelled on the London Dot Net User group. The company I toil for has agreed to provide the Venue & Free Pizza. We trial ran this internally over the last couple of months and now want to open it up to the local developer community to get new ideas.

The next meeting is on Wednesday 12th April @ 6pm at our offices in Tunbridge Wells see the website for directions. We are very near to the station. If you would like to come along or even better present a topic then send an email to CharlieBarker[At No Spam] and I will put you on the list.

Over the next couple of weeks I will put together a mailing list and simple web page detailing dates of meetings.

Come along because:            +     Dot Net = Fun!