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NServiceBus is a framework for building distributed applications on the .net platform. It uses messaging to enable commands to be processed asynchronously and thus prevent blocking and improve scalability. It is particularly suited to implementing CQRS. The man behind NServiceBus is Udi Dahan, Udi has many years of successfully delivering large scale distributed applications.


RavenDB is a document database, i'm just starting to learn more about Raven. It is a schema free database which reduces friction for developers who constantly need to introduce new features. It supports sharding, replication and multi-tenancy and it plays nicely with the DTC so transactions are easy. The man behind RavenDB is Oren Eini or Ayende his online persona. Oren has focused on making RavenDB easy to use for developers using .net, this is the usp for the product, there were many document databases like CouchDB that were available before Oren started building Raven but none had a good .net client library.

Micro ORMs

With the introduction of the dynamic namespace it became possible to create small ORM's some examples are: I'm still learning about these but basically they are designed to make accessing data as easy as possible.